Monday, August 6, 2012


Do I take time off from the everday happenings of life to just slow down and do nothing. That is what I am doing now. I left this past Saturday for a family beach vacation on the NC coast. I will stay here until Wednesday morning then I'm heading back to the homestead by myself as I want to get the side wall of the garage insulated and sheet rocked before winter comes and while I have the time to do it. I personally am not a big lover of the beach and by the redness of my feet (no pictures of those, sorry) and weird suntan line around my head, neither is my body. We'll spend today as we did yesterday, doing nothing but sitting around and watching the waves. Tomorrow at 6:00 am we're going deep sea fishing for half the day and hopefully have something to fry up that evening. Not expecting to but you never know.

Some pictures around...

The youngest boy sticking his head over the waves at me. 

The Wife picked a few tomatoes and a bunch of beans before she left and the beans will be put to good use for tonight's supper.

One exciting thing going on next to us is that there is a Loggerhead sea turtle next near the house on the beach. From the caretakers of this nest, they expect them to hatch any day now. If they do, they will come out of the sand when it cools down enough, say around 9:30 pm or so, and make their way to the ocean from there. The caretakers dig a gulley for the turtles to crawl down to keep them going in the right direction and someone with a flash light will stand next to the ocean and shine it back up through the gulley. What this does is it simulates the moon for the turtles and they are naturally drawn towards this light source. It is said 1 in 1,000 sea turtles make it to maturity, which is about 20 years old. Not good odds for an animal that has been inhabiting this planet for over 300 million years. They are endangered here and it is great to see everyone (and when I say everyone, I mean the locals as well as the tourists) are very protective of their nests and seem like they will do anything they can to help the turles succeed. To learn more you can click here. I'll get some pictures today and share tonight.

That's it for now. And as I wrap this up, it has started raining. Oh well, take the good with the bad.

Oh, the WOF is at a daycamp (read kennel) and wasn't too happy about going.

Stay dry out there kids.

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