Monday, July 30, 2012

Visits and Happenings

Well to catch up from the other post below, the remainder of that week went by pretty uneventful. We had friends coming in that live in Columbus, OH that Wednesday. We don't get to see them as often as we would like to as we used to be neighbors in WV. Anyway, they came on in, the girls hung out, and Tim and I played some much needed golf. It was good seeing them but they had to leave that Saturday and headed back home to work.

This past weekend The Wife's mother, her sister, and the return of The Yougest Boy was on order. The girls took off Friday for some antiquing then IKEA. I was sent a text from The Wife saying she was moving into the store. I knew that was a bad idea. Saturday morning brought an auction of an estate that we wanted to see. The real main reason was for a car that the elderly woman had. It was a 1995 Buick Park Avenue with 41,600 miles. We figured that if we could get it at a reasonable price it would be well worth it. These General Motors cars with the 3.8 liter engine run forever, are roomy, and get about 31 mpg on the highway. So we sat from 9 am to noon swatting at the gnats as at noon they were auctioning the house and property. A winning bidder bought a 2 bedroom, 2 bath house with enclosed sunroom, and 2.5 acres for $106,000.00. He got a real good deal on it. After the house they started on the guns, something which I have no real interest in. Then they moved onto the cars. The Buick was first up. I did some research the previous evening and determined that a good price for this car would be around $3,200.00. After seeing the car up close, we decided we would even go up to $3,500.00 as it looked like no one ever sat in the back seat and it had new tires on it. Besides two scratches, this car was perfect. The bidding turned out worse than I thought. The car sold for $7,600.00. Someone overpaid by double for what it was worth. But that's the way it rolls at times. At the beginning of the auction, things were selling slowly and fairly cheap. Then after about an hour, everything started going sky high. The best deal was the house. It was almost a wasted 4 hours. The Wife got a cake pan and I bought a tap and die set.

The Mother-in-Law and Aunt headed back to WV Sunday morning. The wife and I did some running that morning then I cleaned out the Oldest Boy's car so I could start driving it, changed the oil in it and The Wife's car, cleaned on the garage some more, weeded the garden, and pretty much piddled. I have been a good turnout of pickling cucumbers. About 3 every other day it seems. Everything else is in slow motion due to the heat. We have gotten a couple of storms that brought much- needed rain. And the bush beans have started blooming and setting beans.

Roma tomatoes are finally coming in.

Still losing bean plants but not as much as I have been. Carrots will be going in here soon.


WOF of the Week.

Starting this Friday after work, I'm on vacation until Monday, the 16th. Family coming down from WV and we're heading to the beach. I personally am not a big fan of the beach so I'll stay until Wednesday morning then I'll come back to the house. I want to sheetrock the last wall so I can get the remaining shelves built so I can get the rest of the crap off of the floor. Or I may head to the mountains and camp for 4 days. Who knows. Until next time.

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