Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It Begins Again

So it begins again............

Amy is nothing but sore. Sore at moving, sore at working, sore at me. Understandable. I would be too. Probably more so as I am a baby when I hurt. Not so when I feel good just in case you were wondering. :)

Anyway here's the final result.

The insurance company totaled it. Which is what should have been done as it probably would have never been right to begin with. So now we have received the adjuster's FMV on the car and we are not happy. Own a car for 4 months and it drops in value by $6,000.00? Bullshit. Plain and simple. I'd understand $2,500.00. This will be a fight for sure. We have gap insurance but still we will lose our down payment. Bullshit! Not happy. 

And on another note Amy asks me if I was blogging tonight. Beyond the car I didn't really have much. "Well, you could tell everyone how much you love me." So here it goes. I am not good at this stuff so please leave now if you want; no hard feelings. 

My wife is goofy and blonde as all gets out, odd/moody to the extreme, a purveyor of scrapbook supplies, and a general pain in my arse. 
  1. Goofy and Blonde- This is something that she will not deny and one of the greatest things I love about her. Some questions don't need answering, they need a smirk by me and an explanation. Case in point: A friend and myself are in Columbus watching a golf tournament. She calls me saying she had locked the baby (JT) in the car at school with the keys. Since I'm in Columbus what can I do? Told her to hold the phone down to the door and I would see what I could do. 
  2. Odd/moody- Now before we go down this road I am as moody as she is. No doubt about it. But there are times where it just flies out of left field. No doubt about it and you say "What the f*ck?" Where did this come from? What do I do now? 'Flip coin.' "OK, you're right!"
  3. Scrapping- This is one thing that she loves and I wish I could help her do more. She loves doing things that will preserve our family, bring joy to others, and just create. Hopefully we can work on getting her the space that she needs for this. Just not in the garage!
  4. Pain in the Arse- She is that. For sure. No doubt about it. But, and I mean but, everything she does is for our family. Period. For all of the questions she asks (think interrogation room), all of the nosing, all of the 'what are you doing, why, where, when, with who?' her main purpose in life is us. I know this. And as much as we bicker back and forth I know where she stands and I hope she knows where I do. She stands with this family and those around her. I hope that she sees me standing beside her. 
It will be 21 years together this coming June 26th and I couldn't thank the Lord for anyone else. We are not perfect, that much is for sure. But there is no one's hand I'd rather be holding now or in the future. She is unfortunately stuck with me. I am that fortunate.

That's it for tonight kids. It's been a while for the WOF of the Week but I have saved up some good ones for next time. Until then, grab the one you love and tell them they are a Pain in the Arse!!!  


  1. LOL...You're such a sweet talker!

    I hear ya on the insurance quote. Good Luck is all I can say. Last time, when SM tangled with a Semi, the other guys insurance company low balled SM on the repair. He argued with them for around 3 months. No good. SM consulted with a lawyer friend and was told to just suck it up. "It's just the way it is."

    I suppose this is why we never buy new. You can't keep anything nice anymore. Someone's always scratching or dinging or hitting you.

  2. Keep arguing the toss with them (the insurers, not the wife); I don't know it's like over there, but over here they hope you'll just give up and go away. If you give them arse-ache, they'll up the offer to get you off their back. It's swings and roundabouts for them. They'll overpay to shut you up, because they know so many people will fold!