Monday, February 11, 2013

Sick Days

We all have them from time to time. Everyone has taken a day off because the 'give-a-shit' meter was running really low. I'm actually ill today. Woke up dead tired with chills and a headache. The wife had similar thing last week and it has made it's way through part of my office too. I'm not taking chances with this although I don't like missing work as I get behind so fast. I do have a work laptop and will get to using it in a minute, but in the mean time I'll bore you with another post.

Found out today the Home, Hot Tub, and Landscape show is this coming weekend in Raleigh. May cruise up to it and see the newest wares.

Got a lot of the cups washed and ready for transplants.

And the seedlings are ready to be transplanted. The top one is The Boy's and he is excited about their growth. I am somewhat amazed myself. 

Here's a shot of the sweet basil I've got going, in two pots.

The peppers are going slowly, except for one California Wonder pepper. It's the only one out of the 12 that I started that seems to have any ambition to grow. The Yolo in back and the Hot Salsa Mix in front are doing pretty good. 

So if I can stand it, we will be doing transplanting tonight plus I need to start some more seeds for other folks and get the parsley going too. Maybe if I'm up to it I may post later. Or I might be able to con The Wife in to it. She's better at this stuff than I am anyway. Pictures and writing is what I meant. Anything plant she touches seems to wither away and die. Maybe out of fright. :)

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