Sunday, February 24, 2013


weather we've had the past few days. Cold icy rain to the point Friday morning that I wasn't even going to attempt to go to work. Saturday was just plain blah; cold and rainy all day. The kind of day that really takes a toll on someone's sanity. Today it was 65 and sunny. Sinuses have definitely been on the blink and we are not sure what the net day will bring. Go figure. I can't.

Took a tour through the garden and here's how things are progressing.

Transplanted some of the Shasty Daisies.

Peppers are still going slowly as they always seem to do. I did get some more started to make up for the dismal California Wonders. 

Tomatoes are really doing great. Can't wait to get them in the ground and I may start pawning these off on some people to take care of until planting time. I know I started them early but I need to see green things growing this time of year. It takes the bite off of the gray days of winter. At times I wished we would have moved further south, say Florida, just to have warmer temperatures and sunshine more often. 

Finally got some more solo cups so these are next for transplanting.

This is Blue Fescue grass that I tried to grow last year. It grows into a nice shade of blue grass clump and I'd love to plant this around the house. 

Here are the potato, onion, asparagus, and garlic that are going in the ground real soon.

Amy and I talked today about where she was going to plant all of her flower bulbs that she got. Up to her. I'm hoping that if this coming weekend's forecast is somewhat good I can get some dirt in here and get the beds turned over and the new ground plot ready for the above bulbs. 

On my list of things to do (hereafter to be known as LOTTDFH 'list of things to do from hell') is to get an outbuilding built to clear out the garage of some things. Well it appears that I have to do a dimension drawing for the local county building department so they can approve it as well as submitting it to the builder to make sure it meets the covenants. So this will take up my time in the near future too. 

On the vehicle front we are having the car looked at again by another adjuster but are not holding out much hope. Apparently the car we bought was a run of the mill common car that doesn't hold it's value well because there are so many of them. So we went out to see our favorite salesperson for another vehicle. His comment was "well I know I can always count on a sale once a month from you guys." Funny guy. Test drove a few and she settles on a Jeep this time. Doesn't have all of the bells and whistles but the color is nice and she feels safe in it. We got a real good deal on it so we can't complain about this one too much. Still pissed about the car. We'll see Monday what they come back with. 

WOF of the week. Where there's sunshine.....

Busy week upcoming and I'm tired. Seek your sunshine kids.

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