Sunday, August 18, 2013

Good Evening

Well it has been a somewhat blah weekend. It rained all day yesterday so not much got done. I did pick up some more carrot seeds as the ones I planted got washed away this past week and looked around for some row cover material but didn't find any. So did the turnips so I need to get more of those but the cabbage seems to be holding up as is the eggplant and peppers. Take a quick peek. 

I have another project going on. the notorious outbuilding. We need to get one built so we can get all of the crap out of the garage so we can actually use it for it's intended purpose. Well here in Harnett County you actually have to have your septic tank inspected before you can build anything on your property. $100.00 is what it costs. Doesn't make sense to me nor anyone else around here but chalk it up to government. Anyway I had to dig up the top of the septic tank so they could look at the filter. After that they will sign off on it then I have to pay for the building permit and hopefully that will go through. I also have to submit the plans to the builder since they still have the covenants on the development. Going in circles. 

I kinda got pissed this afternoon and started ripping out tomato plants that were just pretty much devastated by this summer's odd weather. I know I said I that some were still blooming and I actually found a German Johnson today. Hopefully the Squash Bugs have moved on as I didn't really enjoy them this year either. I took all of the plants and dumped in the woods across the road. 

I did say I had some news. I am adopted, was back when I was a wee TD. I've always known I was adopted and even knew my birth mother's name. I was also told that there were a few other children by this same person. But with limited resources there wasn't really much I could do. I have worked on this on and off for a number of years but not with much success. With today's info age I was actually able to track down my birth mother. Then I received a message in response to a posting I left on It was from an administrator there saying that she had a response to that posting, which was that I was looking for children of a doctor (names withheld at this point folks.) So here's the basics in a nutshell. I currently have, beyond my sister that I grew up with and is also adopted but we are not biologically related, two biological sisters and two half brothers and two half sisters. I have talked online with one of the sisters but we haven't talked on the phone as of yet but hopefully soon. I have talked with one half brother and my other sister. It has been quite an interesting time of it. I still am finding out more stuff all the time. Ancestry is a great site plus there are a number of other info sites that I used. 

Well that's it for the week. Off to find some row cover material. Until next time go find your septic tank inspection cover. You never know when you'll need it.  

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