Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's Tuesday

Well, I got most of the stuff I wanted done Saturday done. Didn't clean truck but that's OK. It will rain soon enough. Needs oil change so I will have dealership do it. Got the septic tank lid dug out so we'll see what they say about it now. If it's not the right one I am covering everything up and building my building. I'll pay a fine. And I got the mower blades changed and a lot in the ground. No pictures though, sorry.
Decided last night to turn on the sprinkler and water everything good. Went in the house and forgot about it. Remembered on the way to work this morning. The Wife got it for me but it ran all night. Great! If it's not Mother Nature drowning my plants, I am.
That's it. Still not in good mood about the sprinkler.....

Dampens my spirits. :)

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