Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I'm Here

Yes I am still around so you can stop breathing a sigh of relief. Just been really busy these last few weeks. Weekend before last we headed back to WV to get Squeak and attend the Wife's High School reunion. Sadly not too many people showed up for the formal event and much less showed up for the Saturday morning golf match. Myself and a friend of mine actually joined this group and in total we had 7. Pretty bad but with today's social media and the like it is easy to keep in touch with people nowadays. Miss WV. Funny thing is Amy and I were talking on the way back Sunday, spending the $400 million lottery that we were going to win, and I told her that I'd just go buy a farm over in Pocahontas County, next to the mountains. 200 acres with a house in the middle or towards the back of the property where no one from the road could see it. Just hide away and putter around my days. Well, I am still here so that means I didn't win.

Well I finally broke down and submitted my plans to the Harnett County planning department so I could get my building permit for the storage building I need to build. First thing I had to do is show the location of the building, the property lines, then dig up the lid on the septic tank so they could inspect it. Yes you heard right (saw right.) A nice little BS trip they do here. Septic tank inspection before anything can be done on your property. Another $100.00 wasted. 

Squeak and I played paintball this past Saturday as he was having withdrawals but we only made it for about 2 hours or so. Man it was hot and humid. So we spent the rest of the day on the couch watching movies and eating stuff. Wifey was at the beach.

Sunday I got pissed off and ripped out the green beans and tilled everything up. I planted turnips and cabbages that I had started. Still have some more items to get going but I need to get my hands on a ow cover to help the seeds start on the carrots, etc. Anyone know where to get one that would be local? This coming weekend most of the remaining tomato plants are coming out, water lines plugged off and beds turned over. I am pretty much had it with this growing year for summer crops. 

There's a new show to us that we have started watching and I find that it has a lot of good information in it. It's called Growing a Greener World and it is on Saturday mornings where I'm at. We DVR it to watch early Sunday morning. The last episode I saw was about controlling pests organically in the garden. I am seriously considering this next year. Anything to help. Here's a link to that episode. 

We had a good picking of peppers this week but I never weighed them out for Harvest Monday so I'll put them in next week's. 

That's it except ole TD has some news of a different nature (no I didn't win the lottery, seriously.) I am still putting some things together and I hope to get everything done for this coming Saturday. Let's just say that I am adopted. 

Until next time Grow a Greener World kids.

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