Sunday, October 13, 2013

Finally Home for a Weekend

To start off with this is a picture of my boys fishing weekend before last over at Topsail Island. We did a quick weekend with family from WV.

Last weekend it was a two day paintball tourney from daylight to dark. 

So this weekend I got some work done around the homestead. Weeded the fall crops good. Now just sitting on my butt doing nothing. 

Looks 10 times better now.

I did plant some more cucumbers to see if we could actually get more than a few for the year and it looks like we are. 

I didn't take any photos of the lettuce but it is moving along slowly in spots. And apparently if you just randomly spill seeds it will grow. 

Year of the pepper. The Wife picked these earlier in the week so needless to say we put a lot up this weekend and also tried our hands at home made salsa. Waiting for it to cool down now but I'd say so-so on taste. We usually use the mix you buy in the stores and that always turns out great. 

Another things about all of the peppers is the abundance of seeds I saved. This is just from the green bell peppers this weekend. 

Sorry I haven't been around much but really not too much to blog about but I will try harder. 

WOF of the Week. Pretty much how I feel. 

Lounge around on your day off kids!

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