Thursday, October 31, 2013


Happy Halloween, Beggoween or whatever else you want to call it. We don't get the kids like we used to. The Wife said last year we got one at the new homestead. Maybe a couple more this year. Who knows but we will be armed with a lot of candy. More for us you see :)
This does bring back memories of a few years ago (maybe more) when we still lived in WV. We would head over to The Wife's parents house and trick or treat some houses there. I also distinctly recall that there neighbors on the left side of them never gave out candy. Mind you he wasn't the nicest of people although I wasn't too sure about her. What I remember about her is her blue hair. I kid you not, it was definitely blue. Anyway when trick or treat time came around, these grown- up older adults would turn off all of their lights upstairs and would go sit in the darkness of their basement. I guess the costumes scared them. I don't know as there were probably a lot of reasons for their non- participation. My point is really no point, more of a hope. I hope I never, ever act in that manner. There's nothing better than seeing kids having a good time. And candy? Who can resist?
Clowns are a different story. I hate clowns.


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