Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sustainability Class and More Links

Well I finally went and did it. I completed my online class; "Sustainable Agriculture:Basic Principles and Concept Overview." I had been wanting to take classes like this for a while and seem to have found a website that has this and a lot of other programs on it, most for free. The class I took was about 2-2 1/2 hrs long and it had a test at the end, in which I missed three. Got my certificate so I'm happy about that. Some good information in the class as well. The website the classes are on was directed through another website (you follow that?)  called SARE; Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education. The website with the classes is Extension Campus. There are a few more I have my eye on.

I also spent some time today updating the Seed Links listing with some more that I found today. Found a website called Home Garden Seed Association that is basically seed companies joining together for duck-duck-goose or something and that's where I picked up the added companies. There's a few I've never heard of. One company, America Meadows, had some tomato seed packs on sale for $0.99 each so I may pick up a few packs. I even ordered a 2014 catalog already! Anyway check them out if you haven't seen them before. Off to start supper.

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