Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cleaned Up

Got everything pulled out, cleaned up, tilled, fertilized, and pretty much ready for winter.

Midway through the process. Notice the bed with all the weeds? Sad to look at I know.

Looking much better now!

Did the frost get my stuff? The peppers sure felt it.

But in pulling out the plants today I found a gem hidden at the base of one of the plants. 

The Smurfs are moving back in. Seems like I get a few of these every year. 

And as it always happens, I always end up tearing up everything in my path. I tore up one of my water lines going into a bed, ripped the back plate off of the tiller, and broke the garage door opener panel. 

And to top that off I was pulled over yesterday by a town police officer. I got my truck inspected by I haven't had the chance to get my plate sticker. That's what he stopped me for. So after a few minutes he hands me my license back and tells me to have a good day. Thought I got away with it but the citation came in the mail today. $215.00!!!! Pisses me off. 

Off to get a few more things done. And when I say 'a few more things', I mean planning next year's spring crop. I have plenty of ideas. What's yours?

I leave you with The Wife's front decoration.


  1. Ouch...End of the month. They need their $$$. I remember the day when I could talk my way out of ticket. (Long, long, long time ago when I was cuter and sweeter than I am now @;)