Thursday, February 13, 2014

I Told You So Part Deux

We made it through the night and today without losing power so that's a good thing. It did sleet some this morning and snow this afternoon but when I got up from my nap (no comments please) the snow quit and the roads were somewhat passable. Must have warmed up some during the nap phase. I did try to head out this morning, a quick trial run of the back roads (that's all that surround us), and there were two ruts that if you didn't follow them you were off in the ditch. I could have made it out and to work today but the DOT was begging people to stay home and who am I to argue with them? 

My side window was down, that's just the ice build- up.

This afternoon's pre- nap snow.

And a sneak attack by my lovely wife. Me and my girl snoozing away. I thought about not posting this but what the hell. We were tired. And someone will get hers; bwahahahahaha. 

Alrighty, enough about snow and bad weather from me. This past weekend I started all of my pepper plants for the year since it takes 'forever' for these things to grow. Green Bell and Red Bell from my saved seeds, California Wonder and Hot Salsa Mix from Burpee, Sweet Bananas from Sow True Seeds, and Perfection (True Heart) from Southern Exposure. My trial testing on my saved seeds has resulted in good germination results, about 75%. If anyone is interested in any of these seeds or any of the other ones I have let me know. I am creating a Seed page if you're interested. I may get crazy and start my remaining ones this weekend as family is coming in the middle of next week and next weekend will be busy. Oh, I managed not to get my Lavender started, as in nothing happened. Maybe they were bad, who knows. 

Haven't seen Skeleton on the Olympics yet. I probably slept through it. 

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