Monday, February 17, 2014

Tomato Explosion

I do plant extras for giving away to other local gardeners plus to make up for the odd few that don't germinate so don't freak as I started 144 plants last night. I have so many different varieties this year so I wanted to make sure I tried them all. And like I said I'll be giving a lot away too. Interested? I have seeds left over. One plant I am interested in is the Aunt Lou's Underground Railroad.
Light stand in action. I still have one more light to put on.

I also started quite a few flowers yesterday afternoon. I did pretty well a few years ago doing this but last year sucked. Fingers crossed. 
Celery and eggplants coming along slowly. 

All of the snow and ice is gone except for some shaded areas where the sun can't quite get too. A big warm up is coming and right now they are calling for 70 degrees Friday. Talk about a swing in weather patterns. 
Enjoy the warmer weather kids. 

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