Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I Told You So......

I had this feeling a long time ago that we would be in for a much different winter this year. Cold, snow, more cold, ice, rinse and repeat. It started snowing yesterday afternoon and by the time that was done we had about 2" on the ground. Called off work this morning as I was not going to get into the mess in the capital city. Started in again right before lunch and when that snow was done we accumulated another 4". Then the ice came and dumped a good coating on us. Now as I type this we are getting some minor rain and sleet thrown in. Ice starts again early in the morning and will die off sometime before lunch. We'll see.

Might as well get out and have some fun.

Why I didn't go to work today?

The Skeleton is running tomorrow in the Olympics so kinda want to check that out as my Curling teams aren't doing very well. 

Check in tomorrow. Oh, one last word.

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  1. We've still got power this morning but not sure how much longer we'll be lucky. You're a smart man to say "enough" when bosses don't use common sense and tell their workers to stay home. Our boss called it right but we heard from others in our building who thought we were over reacting. HA (idiots) Stay Safe!!!