Monday, March 17, 2014

Comings and Goings

Well the Brother-in-Law and wife made it to their new home with his parents (Wife's too) in tow. I wasn't in town for their arrival but they are in all the same. And I didn't have to carry anything :) The in laws left yesterday on their trek back up north but I suspect that we'll see them permanently within three months. Mark my words.
Got a few things accomplished this past weekend, with help from Squeak, FiL, and BiL. Soffits and flashing are done as well as a door and window installed. I need to find a double door or I'll have to make one and install siding. Done. Well a ramp for the tractor and gutters for the door side. I plan on rain barrels at this end since it is next to the garden.

Spent yesterday (after sleeping in) cleaning the garage, removing the final rear brakes on the small car, transplanting all of my peppers and eggplants into bigger containers, and starting on the tomato transplanting. I am trying a mixture of Peat Moss, Compost and Perlite in my cups. Hope to do the remaining tomatoes tonight, or at least the ones we intend to keep. 

I suspect planting time will be around April 5th, although we have a big PB game that weekend. If not then March 29th or April 12th. 

Have a good week kids. 

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