Sunday, March 9, 2014


I don't know but it was a nice weekend all the same. Spent a lot of time outdoors in yardly pursuits.
After a trip to the store I spent the afternoon of Saturday roofing the building. Getting closer all of the time. Even had Stalker Wife shoot some pictures of me. Weathered Wood is the shingle color and admittedly they are nicer than the ones on the house.

Didn't get to the soffits but I did knock another item off of my list; finished building my son's paintball marker box. It holds all of his stuff in one place. Not crazy about the latches though so those may get changed.

Today involved another trip to the store, actually returning a bundle of shingles I didn't use and picked up some flowers. Didn't get a picture of those. This afternoon was planting time; Red Pontiac, Russet, and Yukon Gold potatoes, Scarlet Nantes carrots, garlic, Red and Yellow onions. Not too many this time, bag each :)

For your eyes only.

Crazy, right? That's a lot of eyes.

Well I need to do some planning as we are going to add three more raised beds, so that means water lines need to be installed. Also running a line to the building so renting a ditch witch this time. No more digging long trenches for me. Working on that building about did me in. 

WOF of the Week.

Enjoy it while it's here kids. 

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