Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What You See

Had a great time this past weekend with an old friend and his new companion. She was the nicest person in all ways and we all had fun pretty much goofing off and staying up way too late at night. So much so I was definitely late to work on Monday. So tired Sunday afternoon I took a nap that lasted longer than it should have. Then came time for bed and I proceeded to lay around, sleep maybe an hour, count the revolutions of the ceiling fan (wondering inside if I did install it correctly), nod off for another half hour, rinse and repeat. Still fun is what we had.
The crappy weather returned Sunday mid afternoon so most things I was planning to do were put on hold (this is where the nap came in.) I did get some more lumber to build the three new beds and have a half- ass layout for the added water lines needed. No work on the building so hopefully if the weather cooperates I should get it almost done this coming weekend. I also plan on building and setting those beds as well as getting and spreading mulch in the front and side of the house. I had asked The Wife to take some pictures for me as I didn't really get a chance to. This is what I got.

Wife's new herb garden bed. Gotta find a final location for it.


Wife's wildflowers.

Wife's flowers.

Wife framed one of the seed packets from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds because, well she liked it. 


More Wife's flowers.

Wife's front door masterpiece. 

What do you see? I know what I see. I see images centered on an individual. But that's OK. Nice to have a different perspective. 

WOF of the Week. Where else?

And one more for the road. Wait for it to load a few times and yes the bear was OK. 

Until next time peace out :)

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