Sunday, May 4, 2014

May the Forth Be With You!

I hope it is for you. We all need the 4th now and then.

Busy on the homestead today, trying to get some things done before I headed out of town for a few days (back to that grind again :( )
Yesterday evening I tilled between all of the potatoes and bush beans to get the weeds down, then proceeded to till the whole patch where I "started" corn. Nothing was coming up save for maybe two plants. Maybe I got anxious and started them too early so I replanted some new seed from the store yesterday so we'll see how this works out. Strawberries are really coming on now and it looks to be a bumper crop this year. I meant to pick up a couple more plants as we seem to have a dead area in the bed but that will have to wait for the weekend. Also spent some time tying up some tomato plants and starting a few mellons. Let's take another tour shall we :)

I picked up some bags of mulch at the store and started to do all of the beds. I obviously didn't get enough as I wasn't really in the mood to carry too much that day. I also have been adding more signs to the garden, not so much for knowing what's where (except tomatoes) as for dressing it up a little. I even try to draw a picture on them. 

I got the line hooked up and sprinklers ready for the pole beans. Probably be looking at a few weeks before setting up the netting. 

DIL's herb garden. It will be a few weeks before this really starts setting out. Fingers crossed. 

All in all looking pretty good so far. It's early, I know. 

Front beds. 

Amester (she was tired of The Wife) was good enough to get me some stakes Saturday at Cameron so I started making more signs. After the glue is set up, on to paint then into the garden. 

Got a good picture of our Grand kitten, Gunner. I think things are settling down in the house now, thank goodness. He likes spending time out on the back porch. 

WOF of the Week.
It's been a while for a W.O.T.W. I know, but how many pictures of horizontal dogs can one take? 

Chewie says "Hey Baby" (in the voice of Barry White of course.)

That's it for now as a long week awaits. Keep your groove on kids. 

One more note. Birthday of one of my favorite actresses. 

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