Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Almost Ready

I have been playing around with the new website's software and learning (albeit slowly) what I can and how to work things. I don't remember it being this hard to learn new things. Hopefully I'll have everything up and running smoothly in a few days. Small additions after that. Hardest part was settling on a theme and I'm not 100% sure on the one I picked. I'll keep looking.

Memorial Day weekend for everyone here in the USA. We certainly are thankful for what we have and try to say thanks, not just on this day but on every day that we can. Amy even decorated the yard up some. She's definitely more military- geared than I am.

It seemed like I spent most of my time working everywhere I could. I spent a lot of time working in the garden; weeding, cutting, trimming, more effing weeding, replanting (lost a tomato to something), mulching, fertilizing (10-10-10 is my choice.) I tilled around the potatoes, bush beans, and corn to weed them out some, hilled the potatoes some more, and soaked everything good. Surprisingly the corn has made an appearance and seems to be doing well.

I got the fence run between the boards for the beans to climb. But I now have Bean Beetles.

Yes I spilled the beans! Bag came open and poured out. I am too lazy to pick up all of the bean seed thinking that nothing would happen. 

I did put up fencing for these peas yesterday. 

I spent a little bit this weekend and got a daylily for my garden. Love me some daylilies. 

Even the one in the front bed just started blooming out. 

Well, a quick post at lunch. Do more later as the dogs and I will be hidden in the bedroom while The Wife hosts a party for something. 

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