Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all of you Moms out there!

Turned out to be a beautiful weekend and we sit here today enjoying the rented movies. Did a lot of work yesterday; weeding, pulling and killing bugs, muching, tying, etc. Sad to say but my main nemesis is back from last year, the dreaded Colorado Potato Beetle. I spent the better part of 2 hours crawling around on my hands and knees picking the larger ones and dropping them in a bucket of soapy water, squishing the smaller ones and inspecting each leaf of each plant looking for eggs on the underside. That's where they hide. Nothing really kills them although I did use some insecticidal soap a few days ago and that seemed to slow them down some.

There's the little shits now. Hopefully this will slow them down some.

Finally getting some buds on the tomatoes and peppers although the peppers aren't really taking off too well. 

 And in the midst of my looking around I found a little helper.

We have been picking a lot of strawberries. I mean a lot! Definitely been a bumper crop.

Spent Saturday morning at an auction and was able to pick up a few small things, including another heavy old seeder. Thought of hooking the dogs up to it and doing some work but sure as hell the ASPCA would be out here in no time. 

Also found Squeak a truck but alas we didn't get it. 

Pretty cool though. I remember as a young boy working at my dad's sheet metal shop climbing in under the hood and checking the oil as part of my mechanic duties everyday. 

Oh, remember the corn I replanted? Still can't find the damn stuff. At least the squash is doing better. 

Hope everyone had a good weekend. 

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