Friday, May 16, 2014

Should Have Did or Done This Earlier

Cruised the garden yesterday evening and guess what; the bastard beetles were back on my potatoes with a vengeance. So today instead of crawling around for another 3 hours I decided to take a more direct approach.

This is how I originally spelled the word. Thank goodness for that squiggly red line. I must be getting dumber.

Here they are.

And here the go into my weapon of choice.

All said and done it took me about 20 minutes to do all of the plants. I made sure I got each stem up in the hose so as not to miss any of the little buggers. I am going to wait and take another good look in the morning and get any remaining family members then straw around all of the plants. 

I let the carnage of vacuum hell and proceeded to cut on the tomatoes and do some more tying up, pulling weeds as I go. Actually got a few Romas set on now and the plants as a whole look a lot better than they did about a month ago. It hasn't been real warm yet except for a few random days so they should really take off soon when summer gets closer. 

In off- hand dumbass news I was sitting in my office Thursday trying to add some flavoring to my water bottle and managed to get the red stuff everywhere, mainly because I am clumsy. Amy said it looked like a crime scene. So off to the store for a shirt. Bacon is good for me.

I have started working on a new blog site for this blog through using a Wordpress handler. It's been a looonnnggg time since I have messed around with this stuff (read Frontpage and Dreamweaver) and have at least settle on a theme. Slowly getting the hang of it though it may take a little while to get it done. is the domain and I chose Fatcow as my web provider. 

Well off to do a few things. I leave you with shop vac terror. 

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  1. You are brilliant! I never would have thought of the shopvac!

    Whenever I see that red squiggly line I try to spell it myself instead of using the spell check. I already can't do math without a calculator. What'll happen if I can't spell without a check?