Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Plants In, Watering and More To Go.

Ok. i will not complain too much about the cold and warm spells as long as it stays below 40 mph wind speed. This past Saturday was like being in a wind tunnel! 20 mph with gusts upwards of 35-40 mph. Needless to say, not much got done except some minor planting and great buys (more in this below.)

Sunday was my official planting day as the weather was cooperative, 70 degrees, winds light and variable (always wanted to say that with the voice of the Weather Channel guy.)
Saturday- Went to ReStore and got (10) 2x8s x 8'-0" long for $25.00 and they had a section of micro drip irrigation pieces on sale! This is my deal.....
A Rain Drip timer. Believe me it's worth the $15.00 we paid for it when you forget to turn off the hose! Also got some parts and pieces I needed like elbows and plugs for the tubes for a buck a box. We also went to the Mortex Outlet and a few other places we probably didn't need to go. After we got back I went ahead and planted my green beans, thinned the carrots out, and planted peas (probably too late) and radishes. 

Sunday- After my compulsory Call of Duty Black Ops session, I went ahead and did some sharing of my transplants as I always grow too many, and got the Roma, Big Boy, Better Boy, Cherry (almost forgot btw),  squash and eggplant planted in the beds. I do hope we do good again this year. The tomato plants were about 6'-6" last year. I also plugged and rerun the irrigation system which took some time in itself. If you do not have one of these, you need one.
Front porch with my overgrowing obsession with plants, This is just a minor shot of what i have going on. I planted some Alyssum (Carpet of Snow and Royal Carpet) together on the side of the house. Those pics next time.

Bed 1- Onions doing real good. lettuce and cabbage so so. 
Bed 2- Tomatoes and that's all. 
Beds 1 and 2. Bed 4 is going on the far side of #2, at the top of the picture. The only room I have left.
Bed 3- Eggplant, carrots, beans, peas, and in the buckets are MM76 and Bush Cukes. I may move these to the new bed once I get it done this weekend. You can also see the Nasturtium on the lower right. I planted some more of these seeds throughout the beds. 

The watering lines look a mess I know but I have found that you have to let them be long just to make some tight turns you may have to do. You can't put too much pressure and bending on the connections or they'll leak. Plus it's easier to move a head around to somewhere else if you need to. I have it set up to water at 6 am everyday for 5 minutes until it starts getting hot outside. Then it will be 10 minutes. Always in the morning though. 

WOF of the week....

Sadly the dog gets more photos of herself than the rest of us combined. As you can see there's nothing going on inside.

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  1. Love your blog! Have to say you are a bit of a geek, but that is part of your charm. I always love to see pics of Miss Ginny aka/"The WOF", definitely one of my favorite furry babies.
    Have a great day, brother.