Monday, May 9, 2011

How Do You Pronounce Nasturtium?

I must say that I probably butcher the name Nasturtium. Add that with a hillbilly drawl and I'm sure it's not a pleasant sound to say the least. Which brings me to my main topic, one batch of my Nasturtium's have bloomed and look really good. I believe that this is the Alaska Mix.
Some of the bottom leaves are yellowing but I believe this is from over-watering/rain. Mostly rain as I leave them out. I have moved them from the side of the house to out front. And they do smell good too!
I did take a few shots of some other growings in the flower- related arena. Here is a smothering of some kind of perennial wildflower stuff that I threw in this bucket. it now has some nice little purple flowers blooming out on it.
I honestly do not know what this stuff is so it's a guessing game right now.
I also snuck around the corner of the house last evening and saw that my Carpet of Snow is starting to bloom. There are white and pink blooms intermixed together in this area and they get beat by the rain falling off of the roof here. I have one spot that is devoid of flowers.

And I got a shot of the front landscape as of yesterday evening.

As for the veggy beds, everything's doing great at the moment. Peas have started their climb skyward and everything else seams to be right on track.
Still need the green bean trellis built before they get too crazy. Hmmmm, Bob Ross just popped into my head. "Happy Greens." "Let's go crazy." Trying to save a couple of hot pepper plants in the pot on the far left and a cuke in the green pot on the bottom left. German Johnson tomatoes are going strong now. 

Peppers in front and corn/squash in back. Nasturtium running up the right side. Just water and weed.

Tomato bed looking good. I am trying to save  Roma plant I found. It is right behind the front middle plant. I may even go to the length of (gasp) buying a couple more Romas for the other bed as the Cherry tomatoes don't look that good.

Onions, potatoes, everything doing good here except 2 of the 3 cherry mater plants. If the 2 don't start picking it up, they'll be let go in the draft. I am cutting the lettuce tonight and getting it into the crisper so they plants can spread out some before the hot weather hits. 

That's the tour this week. I am considering some SWC to try. I am intrigued by their design. In any case I will be starting some San Marzano seeds about the first week of June to replace the Romas when they're done. And if I'm able to parley some more containers there will be a lot more tomatoes for fall canning! That and beans are my 2 main crops for this year. Also plan on making squash relish. 

WOF of the Week. Comes to us from yesterday's garage purge that I was doing. Of course she had to lay on the piece of carpet I threw in the driveway. And she looks perturbed as if the say, "Really, another picture? Can't you people just leave me alone?" 
I got a few more but they're for later posts.

In any case good gardening to you and think Happy Trees.

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