Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer's Coming.

Because it is starting to get real warm outside. Humid more like it. But the rain has been pretty consistent so that's always good as it means less watering. But it is coming so be aware.
Peas are almost over my rudimentary fence so it will have to built up this weekend.

Tomatoes, maters, whatever you want to call them. Stakes are desperately needed so that's a plan for one evening or weekend work as well.

Squash has really taken off and is trying to squeeze out some of the corn. 

I cut out some of the lettuce this past week
This is half of the harvest. 
There's more to cut. I am considering getting the cabbage plants out. I just can't seem to stay on top of the bugs that attack these plants!

The mini sunflowers on the front porch are blooming out nice and my carpet of snow is really starting to bloom out. 

WOF of the Week. My youngest was playing around with his blanket (actually named "Woobie", which has a big hole in it) when he decides to make the dog look like someone out of one of the Star Wars movies. And of course she just sits there and takes it. 

Anyway, hope things are well in your garden. 

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