Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tomato Stakes and Farmer's Market

Finally got around to getting my tomato stakes in the ground. That and did a lot of pruning on the plants, ripped out some Nasturtium next to several of the plants because they were literally chocking them out.

Some are a little shorter than the others. The big ones are really tall and look kinda ridiculous sticking this far out of the ground BUT the plants I grew last year ended up being about 6 to 6 1/2 foot tall. I believe I really pruned the front middle plant too much as today it was looking kinda puny. I put some transplant fertilizer on it hoping it could be saved. 

I had to add another fencing section to let the peas continue their climb up. Man these things are growing fast! I also put up a couple of boards to get the green beans but don't have any more fencing pieces to install. And I did something that I thought I'd never do.

I got cages for my bucket tomatoes. Also ran some drip emitters to them because the sprayers I had on them can not get through the pea growth now. Took some doing as I let them grow too much before getting the cages on. Pretty much the same way for the ones on the stakes. 

Squash and zucchini plants are also growing like crazy. Squash almost has my corn plants squeezed out. But I did finally get my bigger sprinklers. Restore rocks. Still have some accessories on sale. 

We've been enjoying the lettuce quite a bit but I believe it is about time for it to be done. Good view of the stakes!

Side view of same bed. Can't wait for the potatoes to get done too. Need those out of there. 

I put a couple of pots in the washout areas on my side bed with the carpet of snow. Had to do something. Hope this effort pays off. 

My wife and I went to the Farmer's Market this past Saturday to cruise the sites and pick up a few things. Fresh strawberries, blueberries, got some tomatoes and peaches. This market is big enough to get a good selection of produce and it smells great. There's another building with other items such a canned goods, soap and the like. There's also a good seafood restaurant, another general restaurant, and an overpriced store that carries pots, furniture, and other things along those lines. 

I did order some seeds from Gurney's this past week. Not much but i do want to grow some more paste tomatoes this summer so we can do a lot of canning. Roma Vf's are on their way along with some Blue Lake bush beans and some more bush cukes. Don't use them this year I'll have them ready for next year. Like to their site if you need it.

Almost forgot my WOF of the week..... 
Has her leg kicked up for some reason. You may have realized by now that most if not all of her images are when she is horizontal. Now you see the WOF name. Happy days to you. 

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