Monday, July 9, 2012

Bean Burden and Liquid Fence

Not really a burden per say but within the last week my bush beans have all of a sudden turned brown and died. And not from one end or another. Always seams to start right in the middle of the bed. It started with the smaller 8'-0" bed but now it is happening in the larger bed as well.

I did a little research online and it seems to be either A) Too much nitrogen or, B) Too little nitrogen. Looks like I'll have to break out the soil test kits and find out what's going on before I lose the whole crop. May be replanting these if I can't stop it within the next few weeks. The bottom pictures shows where I ripped out the bad plants with the idea that if it is going from one plant to another, hopefully I could stop it that way. I know the heat hasn't been too kind to most of us lately but with the temperatures climbing down (cooling trend) to the mid 80s this week, hopefully the garden will recover enough and get back in gear. I will say that even with the heat my tomatoes have been getting nice blooms on them. Not too many tomatoes yet and I have been doing regular weeding and suckering of the useless stems. 

The garden as of today. 

As I said hopefully this will start back in full earnest soon. Everything is growing but at a mind- numbing slow pace. The block is my sprinkler block. I added 10-10-10 earlier in the week around some of the cukes and tomatoes hoping for rain, which never came. So I set up my sprinkler on the block Saturday and gave the beds a good watering beyond the micro- irrigation. With the dry spell lasting as long as it has I watered all of the beds and dirt for a half hour. Don't know if it helps but I feel better. And the weeds can grow faster.

Liquid Fence Deer and Rabbit Repellent.

I do't know if anyone else has tried this stuff but with The Wife telling me about recent deer sightings on the edge of our neighborhood I thought it was time to spring into action. With a casual week- ago Saturday we made our way around True Value where the elderly gentleman directed us to Liquid Fence. Deer only he asks? Not sure but Deer and Rabbit. kill two birds with one stone. Application is around the garden and on some plants that aren't ready to be picked, once again the following week, then monthly afterwards. And no, I didn't spray the beans. So I followed the instructions and commenced operation DeerRabbit Repulsion. Another animal that will stay away from the garden with this application is the two legged variety. This crap smells like a sulfuric acid/pee concoction. They say the smell disappears to humans within a day but that's only if you can stand to be out there long enough to apply it! I had the taste in my mouth for two days afterwards. But I do need to do it again this week so on with the respirator and Tyvek suit. This stuff had better work.

No WOF of the Week picture this week as we have been super busy getting things in order around the house; hanging pictures, painting, moving crap, etc. After this coming weekend we are busy every weekend until Labor Day it seems like. People coming in for a visit, a vacation thrown in, and numerous other activities  that will take our time. I got the back wall of the garage finished off and painted Saturday night and proceeded to build shelves to get the crap off of the floor all day Sunday. Not real smart as it was 105 with a heat index of around 115. Nothing like spending a sweltering day in a non- air circulating environment to make you lose weight. No need for a celebrity weight loss reality show program, just come to the south in the summer and work outside. The Wife and I loaded the shelves as much as we could and called it a day at about 10:30pm. And it looks like we never touched anything on the floor.

I think we scheduled a yard sale at about the third week in September. There goes another weekend day! Enjoy the cool down and stay safe out there kids. 

Oh, one more thing; all of the cat pee bushes have met their maker. I transplanted some to the other side of the house and The Wife planted some at our driveway entrance to mark where the edges are (or we'll go into the drainage ditch.) All are dead. 

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