Sunday, July 1, 2012

Gnats, Heat, Foghorn and WOFs

Gnats. This has become my new enemy! Go outside the house to work in the yard and they are flying in your face and buzzing your ears. And with the recent heat wave with temperatures hitting around 106 Saturday it's so much fun having to put up with them while you have sweat pouring off of you. We spent this morning weeding all of the beds and it took about two minutes for the little shits to find me. We didn't have them at the old house so my guess is  the sandy soil conditions must be their habitat. We are currently looking into different sprays to keep them at bay. After the weeding The Wife took to the mowing and I did weedeating so we could finish faster and get away from the little buggers and get out of the heat.

Caught her working although I need to let the camera sit outside a little first before using it. Fogged up quite nicely be as you can see. 

Foghorn Leghorn must die.
Living where we do now we are surrounded by farms and fields. And of course every morning we have roosters crowing to the rising sun. And we have one that will continuously crow all day. Foghorn. At first it was sort of a novelty but now...... all day. Literally all day. I can't imagine living on the farm where he resides. Maybe its what roosters really do. I was always under the impression that they had a sort of 'quitting time', like when your shift ends. Not him. He will be found. 

I did a tour through the garden late this afternoon and took a few pictures. Things are growing but not as fast as I'd like. And the heat's not doing wonders for me getting too many blooms on the plants. I did pick up a few more Brandywines and got the first Kobe Beefsteak. Also got a few cukes but I did lose my Zuchinni plants, probably due to the heat. 

The WOF still hasn't really adjusted to the new house and surroundings. She let us know her thoughts this afternoon. Sorry about the surroundings. We have a long way to go in getting stuff put away.

I just was informed that IKEA is open on the 4th of July. 

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