Sunday, December 8, 2013


Friday as I left work it was near or at 80 degrees. Now it is 39 (real feel of 30) degrees with a nice light rain. Welcome to winter in the south. One day you're in a tee shirt and jeans, the next you're bundled in a down parka. Needless to say the morning dog walk went a little faster.

I was notified last night that I forgot the kitchen in the decorating display so here it is.

As I sit here typing this I am looking at the Gone With The Wind and Military trees, with Santas sitting in front of me on the desk. We do have a wooden Santa plaque- type thing that Ginny absolutely hates. None of the other decorations bother here but this one sets her over the edge for reasons unknown. 

Went out to the garden today and harvested some carrots (not that big) and two heads of cabbage. They each went for about a pound each. The collards froze but there's still some lettuce and spinach for the picking and the remaining cabbages hopefully will be ready to be taken out before Christmas. 

No work on the building this weekend do to the weather and my going on the road again today. Hope to miss all of the bad weather and I should as I'm heading south again. Next Saturday is the annual Santa vs. Grinch paintball game but with Squeak laid up with his bad knee and Bubby not coming over it looks to be just me going this year. Forecast doesn't look real good right now but that should change before then. I hope. 

I received another seed catalog this week from Park Seed and already have perused it. The only thing that I am not crazy about this company is the shipping; it takes a while to get your order. Another item received this week was a small seed order from Sow True Seed out of Asheville, NC. I like this company as they deal in heirlooms AND with every seed order they send two empty envelopes to use for seed saving. I got some Roma tomatoes (never too early) Tropeana Tonda Onions and Dorata di Parma Onions, both in seed form. I never had too much luck starting onions from seed but I am feeling confident this year. These are intermediate day onions that store well, the main criteria for me. Going to get these started before leaving for who knows how many days. I also got a car magnet and a Plant Label set, with marker. 

Well that's about all that can be said for today. 17 more days kids!

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