Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Farming in the Suburbs

Interesting article I found today while eating my lunch. http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2013/12/17/251713829/forget-golf-courses-subdivisions-draw-residents-with-farms
Subdivisions being developed around or including farms. I can see this really taking off as more and more people are taking note of where their food comes from. Conflicts could arise but that would obviously be handled by guidelines in the HOA. But just think of it; going outside on a Saturday morning, meeting your neighbors over coffee, then getting your hands dirty in a project that will benefit everyone around you. And you get to eat the rewards! There are a few empty lots in our small development and Amy brought up the suggestion of asking the developer for use of one of the lots for a community garden. I don't think they would go for it but it doesn't hurt to ask. The last four houses they built still haven't sold yet so they may be open to the idea.
On a separate but related note we found out who owns the property at the power lines, where I wanted to put a secondary garden. The same person who has our development. These people must own half of Harnett County! If they don't go with the empty lot idea maybe I can sweet talk them into that.

Well back to work. 8 days kids!

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