Monday, December 30, 2013

Rollin, Rollin, Rollin........

Been on the run as of late visiting family and friends up north in the great state of WV. A big shout out on my updated header. We left early Thursday morning and came back last night. In that time frame we had two more gift openings, a Christmas big family get together, bowling twice, dinner with my sisters :), dinner with our great friends from the farm, shooting guns, general family photo shoot, and a few late nights but nothing too bad. It was The Wife, Squeak, Bubby and his wife, and myself on the trip up, and just myself, Bubby and his wife on the way back. I talked Amy into staying longer so Squeak could spend more time with his grandparents. The WOFs have been in doggie jail all along and I have to pick them up after work today. I forgot the blanket this morning so there will be fur everywhere in my back seat! I took pictures of various places I went to and posted them to FB, sort of a "Where's Jp" type of thing. Fun to do actually and I got some good responses.

In downtown Marietta, OH looking north up the Ohio river. The bridge links Marietta to Williamstown, WV.

Fenton Art Glass in Williamstown, WV. The main foundry shut down a few years ago and they are selling out the gift shop now. Sad to see it go. 

Gun range at Mountwood Park. The boys love shooting guns. 

Ground- level shot on my in-law's street. It was a photo for guessing and one of my friends came very, very close to naming it.

Picture of pictures hanging inside Jimmy Colombo's restaurant in Parkersburg, WV. All of the walls are covered with pictures and they have the best house salad dressing around. I may experiment to see if I can match it. 

Dinner with sisters night then bowling. Young against old. Young....

And old. And the old ones kicked the young one's butts. Been a looonnnggg time since I've been bowling. 

Taken from Fort Boreman Hill. That is my old stomping grounds below you, Parkersburg, WV. On the left is the Ohio River and in the forground is the Little Kanawha River. the bridges lead to Belpre, OH (damn Buckeyes.) Notice the floodwall? Concrete and earthen walls protect Parkersburg from floods as it has had it's share of them, the worst I believe was in 1913. 

Two views of the courthouse, dry and flooded. 

"Let's be Friends." Back when we used W.Va. as the state abbreviation. 

Took all of my seed books north to finish my garden planning but barely looked at them. And now have another catalog to look through this evening. That makes me about 7 catalogs now. Need anything looked up let me know. Off to finish my work day (yippee.)

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