Monday, April 11, 2011

And I Missed the Masters!!!

Alright. Got a lot done building and planting- wise this weekend, except Saturday. Saturday my wife and I went to breakfast, a yard sale, bought a few things from the local high school FFA sale (got some heirloom tomatoes btw), and got dirt in the morning. After lunch we went out again to downtown and the camera shop, browsed The Fresh Market (wish we could afford to shop there :), then proceeded to get lost in the older part of town. But there were a lot of nice homes with beautiful yards. Got stuff for supper then went home. Pretty much a wasted day.
Friday I started on the 4th raised bed and got it at about 70% complete.
Before Image

And the completed bed. Noticed I sloped the bottom boards with the ground then I just cut the top boards to make everything level.

Work was completed on the build and dirt installation by about 1:00 Sunday afternoon. I then proceeded to get all of the plants in I could, top off the other beds some with the good dirt, get a lot of the flowers I started in the ground, etc. A parade of pictures....

Stop the presses!!!! Children working.....

View of bed 3 with some Four O'Clocks in the top round planter. In the metal planter is Nasturtium and I planted 3 of the Heirloom Tomatoes (German Johnson) and a few Bush Cukes.

New bed 4. Sweet Corn, Peppers and Squash are in here. I had some dirt left over so I put that 2x6 board in on the angle and planted some mixed flowers.

Bed 2. Still Tomatoes but I put some Nasturtium seeds in there as well.

Bed 1. Onions going good as are the cabbage and lettuce. Radishes now coming up too.

Another view of the lower beds. I still need to get the H2O piping run into the new bed though.

Front porch partial and the flowers.

More of front porch.

Side of the porch. At the top I have some Allysium started but the rain washes off there I think half of that is in the yard. I also planted some Morning Glories that I had started earlier.

Still have a few yard projects to do but for right now that's it. We used a painter's tarp to cover the dirt in the back of the truck Saturday night, and of course when she wants to come outside to spend some time with me, this is where I find the WOF.

And on top of everything, I finished Sunday at about 7:00 and missed the Masters! Oh the shame. Congrats to Charl.

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