Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Storms Came and Went

As I sit here typing this, I have to reflect back on the events of this past Saturday. Damaging storms with tornadoes sprouted up all the way south of our area, straight through the middle of town, and continued northeast at 55 miles per hour. Numerous touch downs of tornadoes, unheard of in the greater Raleigh area, destroyed trailer parks, homes, one college campus (they shut down for the rest of the year), and felled one hundred year old trees in a matter of ten minutes. I personally have never had up close experience with this phenomenon and don't wish too. It came close to the house and I took the precaution of covering all of the plants to protect them from the hail storm accompanying this storm, and my wife and I ushered the kids into the downstairs bathroom. Thankfully all we got was hard rain. Some of the pictures from that day look like a war zone. One of the trailer parks had a mother, her 6 month old daughter,  9 year old son and two other young children she was watching. She did her best to move them into the interior closet of the home but a tree fell killing three of the kids, leaving her and the 6 month old. She protected it as best she could and the child was taken to the hospital into intensive care. Upon logging into the local TV station's website to get some photos, the headline read where the 6 month old had died. Sorry, but this really makes me angry.

I took some pictures of the garden's progression last night....
Potatoes really coming up now.

I planted some Nasturtium on the left side of this planter and it is now looking good.

Not much has changed here in the new bed. This weekend is the added sprinkler piping. 

Looking at this makes me want to get started on the trellis. I know I say this but nows the time.

No pictures of the flowers this time so those will be next time. Still have a few to get in the ground around the new mailbox planter this weekend. I also have a few plants left if someone needs them. 

WOF of the week comes from our (my) recliner. She's either using the force or wants low paw. Your guess is as good as mine. 

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