Saturday, April 30, 2011

More Catalogs and Progress

Received Seeds of Change and Territorial Seed Company catalogs Thursday and Friday of this week. Quite a selection from both and adds to my growing collection that also includes Johnny's, Burpee, and Gurney's. Too many to choose from but I have to pick one to order some more seeds from for my summer tomato plantings. I have some Roma Vf going right now but they should be done by July, which is about the time my new ones will go in. I want some more paste varieties so we can do a lot of canning this fall. Anyway I will have to sit down tonight and make my "wish list" for those plus anything else that strikes my fancy that I can use for canning/storage over the winter. Any good recommendations?
Finally got the pea fence up. Doesn't look the greatest but function over form for me.

Will have to add more to the top more than likely. It took some time to get them untangled from each other and train them to go up. They put up a fight but in the end they saw it my way. Now I have to get one done for the green beans, and start tomato stakes. 

Peppers in front and corn in the back are starting to take form. I planted some Nasturtium, Empress of India up the right hand side of this bed. 

Tomato bed looking pretty good. Actually found out that i had a Roam sitting in the garage not being used or given away so I planted it here to see if it would take off. That's Nasturtium up the left. Previous post I said right and I profusely apologize.

Had some leafy greens (lettuce) from the garden for lunch today. Good overall taste if at all. I mean, come on, it's lettuce. Potatoes are going like crazy. I mounded around them but looks like I need more. Checked on the onions but still no where ready yet. 

Redid the front of house planter some. Took out an ugly bush and planted a few flowers, some Sparaxis that I started earlier, and got a yard sale bargain of a long planter that I put my Sweet Peas into. Now I have to find a trellis for it to climb up.

While doing this work there was a small, very angry bird waiting for us to finish. Apparently it had a nest nearby or we were bothering it's work. I got it on top of our roof.

Side view were I got some Carpet of Snow going plus my Morning Glories. Rain runs off of the roof here and I end up replanting this every week until i get some mulch on them.

Replanted my Marigolds into permanent containers so now I hope they really take off. 

forgot my added 45 degree quick planter.

WOF of the Week comes as a blast from the past. A short time after we got her my wife came downstairs in the morning to find her here.....
What she was doing here is beyond us but that's what makes her special. Anyways, happy gardening or whatever you are doing. Maybe a post tomorrow night as we'll (oldest son and myself) will be at Pinehurst for his practice round. Sneak phone/camera onto course and hopefully get some good shots. Till then..

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