Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things Aren't As Easy

OK, this getting old crap is for the birds. Had my wisdom tooth taken out yesterday and after a failed attempt at numbing (about flew out of the chair when he hit a "hot spot'), I have discovered that my recovery will not be as fast as it was when I was younger.The pain medicine I was given, Hydrocodone, is supposed to be addictive but I don't see why someone would want to feel this way all of the time. I've never been one to take pills anyway. Anyway, with the help of my WOF I'm sure I'll be feeling better in no time.
Another shot of the clown cup! They follow us everywhere.

Got to start planning for my fall garden. I want more roma tomatoes or the like in the ground for canning this fall. Anyone have any other good tomatoes that they can? Also I hope the beans grow good this year so we can put a lot of those back too. Storms heading this way but hopefully it won't be as bad as the last ones. Still cleaning up after those. 

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