Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter and Wisdom.

Happy Easter to all.

Got a lot done this weekend somewhat. Redid the area around the mailbox and got new water lines run in the new bed.

Before and after pictures from the mailbox area. Got some marigolds and some 'mystery' flowers I started a while back, thought I killed but came back to life. I have to look around to see what package they came out of. I also spread some wildflower mix in the dirt so hopefully they will come up good. Need to find a good border to put around this. 

Porch flower pictures as promised. Nothing in bloom yet but everything is growing good. See my shadow in the bottom one. Always follows me...

New bed with the new water lines running through it. Still not what I want. Need bigger sprinklers but those can wait. 

Peas, green beans are really on the move. The German Johnson tomatoes are really starting to take of now. 

Tomato bed from afar. Nasturtium is on the right side. Also there's the much coveted clown cup. We now have two and are on the lookout for more. You don't get to see the back bed as I was in my socks and tired. 

WOF of the week comes from this afternoon. She got stuff left by the Easter Bunny, then we went for a small walk. Somewhat warm today so she decided to take it easy the rest of the day. 

Wisdom tooth started bothering me this afternoon and has progressively gotten worse to the point of PAIN. Can't get into dentist until tomorrow. Put this off too long and now I'm paying for it. Sucking on green tea bag and ibuprofen and that seems to help. 

I hope all is well with you. 

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