Thursday, January 12, 2012

Painted and Hooked

Well I got the light stand painted last night and tried out one of the lights this morning. Upstairs it goes tonight. I did check on my previous plantings last night and the Lettuce and Marigolds are coming up now, even with the minimal light they've been getting. This will be a welcome addition for them.

This shows one of the lights hung. I am going to stick with the 2 bulb lights as I can get the fixture itself from my home center for $10.00 each, including pre- plugged. Bulbs are extra. 

I have an idea for the lights that will go over the top of the table. A sort of pivoting mount that will allow the lights to swing out of my way when they are not needed. I will add the painting information to the Light Stand Construction link on the right. Oh, the colors are a satin white that was left over from the kitchen walls and I got a quart of Frosted Grass to use on the legs. A really light green I guess. Looks good to me. 

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