Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pictures From Around and About

Not much is happening on the garden front lately. I planted some lettuce, broccoli, and carrots a few weeks ago but haven't seen anything from them. Hopefully the recent rains didn't spoil my starts. I do have some broccoli, lettuce, and some flower starts growing in the new light stand. I will snap a picture for you this evening as well as a snapshot of the stand in action. It is breathtaking to be sure.
This post is about my adventures out and about. I will from time to time take a snapshot of something that is just plain cool.

I took this picture several weeks ago while walking the WOF. Beautiful Saturday morning with temperatures in the mid 60s. My kind of winters.

Four different ways to look at essentially the same picture. I took these with the el'smartphone on Onslow Beach ("Here I am sitting here with no beer" For my british comedy- watching friends. Look up Keeping Up Appearances) on Camp Lejeune, NC this past Sunday. It was cold then AND there were people in the water! Crazy. 

This I took yesterday morning as I was driving south to a job site. It was early and the sun was thinking of coming up. 

Nothing like a rainbow early in the morning. They lie about the gold though. Don't listen. 

I received another seed catalog in the mail a few days ago. Seeds of Change is the company. I believe they only sell heirloom products harvested organically. I glanced at it but will take a closer look tonight. 
Still have to get the top light mount figured out on the light stand/shelf too. My idea is to have bracket that will go from being vertical to swinging the lights down into position. Ah, we'll see. 
Until tonight then....

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