Monday, January 2, 2012

Plants for the 2012

Well now that 2012 is upon us, I have made a list of plants that will be going into the garden.

Tomato - Better Boy Hybrid
Tomato – Mortgage Lifter
Tomato – Jelly Bean Hybrid
Tomato – Roma VF
Tomato – Kobe Beefsteak
Tomato – Brandywine
Tomato – Green Zebra
Cucumber – Eureka Hybrid
Cucumber – Bush Pickle Hybrid
Pepper – Carnival Hybrid
Pepper – California Wonder
Eggplant – Black Beauty
Watermelon – Crimson Sweet
Squash – Summer Straightneck
Squash – Summer Zucchini
Bean – Blue Lake Pole
Potatoes – Yukon Gold*
Peas – Super Sugar Snap
Carrot – Romance

Parsley – Dark Green Italian
Basil – Aroma 1
Basil – Lemon
Dill – Fernleaf

Chinese Forget-Me-Not
Morning Glory Carnival
Zinnia – Candy Cane
Impatients – Butterfly Mix
Portulaca – Sundial Mix
California Poppy – Rosa Romantica

I have most of these seeds already and just ordered some from Territorial Seed Company. Territorial Seed Company also has a garden planner that is useful. Click here to check it out. I will more than likely get the herb seeds from my local store. I also purchased an 18 gallon tote to try my hand at a SWC. I am now on the lookout for some big, round, wooden containers. I want to use them for my herbs this year. 

It seems that winter has finally caught up with us. High of 38 and low of 21 tomorrow. But it is supposed to warm up later this week. Well, time to get busy on the light stand (Saturday project), then I want to get the Columbine flowers started, clean out junk from the garage, and straighten the rest up. 

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