Monday, March 19, 2012

Clean Up and Transplants

Got quite a bit done this weekend in cleaning up the debris left over from tearing out the old beds. There was a lot more wood than I remembered in putting them together :). I got them apart last Sunday and took the lumber to the recycling center near us this past Friday afternoon. I then spent the remainder of the day getting the excess dirt dug up and spread out over the rear of the yard in a low area, then seeded like crazy!

The far end used to be somewhat low but I got it filled up pretty good. I even bought some wild flower seed and spread over the area so maybe the next owners will have something to look at. 

Tonight I finally got around to moving the remainder of the tomato plants into their new home for a while. More cups and dirt then! For some odd reason these plants have grown better than the other seedlings, even starting them later. Not sure why but it may have something to do with not using peat pots. I also took this opportunity to fill an order from the Wife's work for some of the plants. I have been offered a 'share cropping' opportunity as I'm not sure I'll have the time to get the plantings done this year and I may take up this offer. There is a community garden in a small town near us but I'm not sure I want to go that route. 

The roots are really showing their stuff. Definitely time to get them moved.

Remember the Dollar Store tomato plant? I checked in on it tonight and low and behold....

We'll definitely track the progress of this plant this year. Tami's blog is 500 dollar tomato, which at times is not far from the truth. I'll call this 1 dollar tomato. Well, a little over a dollar since I have to pay the Governor too. 


  1. How could you throw that timber away? Surely there's something mad you could have built with it?

  2. It was mostly rotten and there was no way I was taking it with me, that's for sure! All I know is the damn stuff was heavy. New beds are cedar.