Saturday, March 3, 2012

Roof Top Gardening

I was driving back from South Carolina Wednesday afternoon and I caught an interesting discussion on The Story by Dick Gordon on NPR radio. Yes, I'm one of those people. I listen to NPR. Anyway, he was having a discussion with Ben Flanner of Queens, New York and Ben's rooftop garden. This rooftop garden is about an acre in size (40,000 square feet) and they sell the produce to help support the garden itself. It was a good listen about some of the challenges they had and how they overcame them plus people's interest in general. Here's a link to the show and here's a direct link to the garden site.

On the seed front, things seem to be going well. My parsley has finally taken off and everything else is growing more and more each day.

Close up of the parsley. Guess I'm not much of a photographer.

I received some seeds from Territorial Seed Company, romance hybrid carrots. I ordered them some time ago but I think they were on back order and I forgot.

 Going out tomorrow and "pre-look" a few houses. We were outbid on the first one but there's always more out there. 

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