Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday Updates

Well, it seems that spring is coming fast so it's time to get going on projects that need done!
I just replaced the counter top in the kitchen that I alone am responsible for torching (just a small part.) That's what happens when you leave a towel on the counter next to the stove!
I just now brought down some of my tomato and flower seedlings, gave them a good drink, and will transfer them to larger pots so they can expand. All pictures are courtesy of the Wife's new lens and flash on her DSLR. The only reason I used it is that she didn't know I had it :)

They look a little spindly so I want to get them in some good growing medium. The other tomatoes that I still have under the lights are going great so will definitely have to move them soon too. 

Did a little walk around outside and realized that I have to start tearing the beds apart and get the water lines out of the ground. I still have a couple of lettuce going and they seem to like the current weather.

The flowers around the front of the house just keep going and going. Pansy? Why is someone that appears not in strength called a pansy? These are the toughest flowers that I know of! The white planter box is a yard sale find that the Wife and I found last year. I think we paid around $3.00 to $5.00 for it.

The house search continues in earnest. We looked at three yesterday afternoon with one being a real possibility. It is a short sale so our Realtor has to find out where they are with the bank so we know how long the process will take. We have four more to look at tomorrow afternoon then we'll make a decision and it will be a fast one! Tired of being outbid. 
Off to get some more small containers and some good dirt so I can get those plants moved. Can't sit around all day blogging!
BTW, my brother in law's wife is wanting to start gardening some. She's in Zone 5b (Brrrrr!) so I tried to point her in the direction that might help her. Hopefully she gets a lot of enjoyment out of it. I know I do. 

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