Monday, March 12, 2012

Should Have Stayed in Hibernation

Wow. That's about all I can say. Started tearing out the raised beds and was going to stop at three and leave the bottom one until later since I have lettuce and radishes going in it but, what the hey! Tore it out too and now have a bunch of lumber to go to the recycling facility this Saturday. It was scrap lumber that the Wife and I scoured through from the new houses they were building in the neighborhood behind us plus some we got real cheap at the Restore. The new beds will be built out of cedar. I considered the Trex decking boards until I saw the price per board. It must be gold inlay-ed or something. After the bed demolition I had to dig the mower out of the garage and mow the yard. We don't have a big one and it takes about 25 minutes to get it done. Surprisingly it started on about the 7th pull. I've had this thing since before we moved to NC and the boys and I (mostly I) mowed neighbor's yards for extra cash during the summer months. I've replaced 3 drive cables, the blade, and a few other small pieces. Used so much the front wheels are bald. Definitely got our money's worth out of it. The next mower will have a beer drink holder and I sit on it.
After all that I planted some Zinnias and cleaned up some brush. THEN shower to look at houses. We're getting to know our agent pretty well now so we all have a good time during the search. We did put in a good offer on the short sale but we'll keep looking just the same. I was thinking that maybe I should ease into this Work thing. I know it was a mild winter but we cooled the jets just the same.
One thing I am considering after the motorcycle is a greenhouse (after the pool too honey :). I have wanted one of these for some time just to piddle around in. Wow, piddle is actually a word. I thought it only native to WV? Just the same, I have cruised several sites and found what I think to be a good one. Not bad priced either.

I don't know too much about them aside from what I've read online so any opinions, experiences would be appreciated.
Off to cruise the blogs for a few, see what was for dinner at my Father-in-law's house on Facebook, then look at more houses emailed by our ever best Realtor.

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  1. I thought I wanted a greenhouse too, but was encouraged to start with hoop houses or cold frames instead. Glad I did from an expense point of view. I've got a jump start on Spring for sure, but I'll be curious to see ehat happens this fall. That'll be the true test.