Monday, March 5, 2012

The Road to Nowhere

There's always places that you seem to try to get to. Whether it be in life, destination on the highway, or just internal happiness. We call this the Road. Why I don't know but it seems fitting. Always trying to get somewhere.
Driving into Columbia, SC this evening it hit me, or rather showed me.

There's a road ahead. Why it showed this to me at this point is beyond me. But there's always a road ahead. A road that we take every day wondering what's at the end. We made an offer and lost out on our second house within a matter of 4 hours. This must be the road that's ahead of us. Sure, there's more to see around the corner and it will take time. But we always look for the better road ahead that leads to

I took this in one of my many travels with my phone. You can't pass up a good sunset knowing what may be up the road. 

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