Saturday, June 16, 2012

95% Complete

Sorry about the absence. Things are only getting busier at work so that has been taking up a lot of my time lately. I also have been staying at the old house throughout the week, when I'm not on the road, getting it ready for final move out, then coming to the homestead for Fridays and Saturdays getting stuff done here before the heat of the summer hits. Needless to say there are times that I'm not sure which way I need to be going.

As far as the gardens go, we have our first 2 tomatoes, Kobe Beefsteaks. Saw them this afternoon when I was doing a tour. The beans I planted last Sunday are really coming up. I still have to get some sprinklers on them and that's tomorrows job. Everything else is humming right along.

Grow, grow, grow!

Short bed of beans.

 Long bed of beans.

I am going to take a picture weekly from this vantage point.

Went to the store this morning with the intention of getting the landscape walls finished. 110 blocks weigh a lot. Even more after a while of working with them. I got the bed I started last week finished then did the bed on the front of the house. This is the time that I am thankful for the sandy soil we have!

Finished #1.

 Number 2 on the front. I actually got all of the blocks in but after standing back I said to myself "I need more on the front corner here. 95% complete. I can not leave something that doesn't look good to me. Looks like 120 blocks. But not tomorrow.

I'm dead tired so it's off to bed. Keep safe kids.

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