Monday, June 18, 2012

Misc. Pictures

Looking through the computer I realized that I had quite a few pictures that haven't seen the light of day. Most are ones I have taken myself merely because I either find it useful or funny.

Cow falling zone? I wouldn't want this road to be my daily driver.

Blue Star Memorial erected and maintained by the TwoGreenThumbs Garden Club. 

Looking out my office window one afternoon and what do I see? I didn't realize Raleigh, NC was it's habitat.

I guess if your child is younger than 1, they pay full price here.

I uuuhhhhh borrowed this from a news website. I just liked it.

Actual sign on one of my trips a little while ago. Ten miles?!? Are they serious?

For those of you that are squeamish, you may want to pass on this one. Scared the shit out of me, hiding under my squash leaves. Taken about two years ago.
He/She didn't survive long and the "Snake Stick" was added to the garden tools for the remainder of that year. And for your information, it's a Copperhead. 

View from the observation deck atop Mount Mitchell, NC. Highest point east of the Mississippi. 

You know your job sucks when you have to work on the outside of the safety cage. Take a good look at how high these guys are. 

Paradise for me some day. I'd love to look at those mountains when I played.

I don't know why but I get up at 5:30am every morning at the new house. I took this with my phone. The Wife owes me some pictures off of her small camera. And there's another post due soon titled Foghorn Leghorn Must Die. 

Well there are a few more but it's getting close to bed time so we'll close with an oldie but goody. Right after we got the WOF, we realized that she needed a bed to sleep on. OK, so we underestimated the size!

That's it for tonight. Be safe out there kids.

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