Monday, June 4, 2012

Progress, or Lack Thereof

Had the pile of dirt so I decided to build two more beds to try to use it all. That was a joke. As you can see there's still much to use. I have to save some for The Wife's mailbox flower garden so there's one more bed in the future. I plan on making it about 12'-0" long to start my green beans in. Ans as The Wife and I were surveying the beds I believe the tomato count was around 65 plants. Sooooooo, I will be removing some and making room for more beans. We plan on canning a lot this fall so anything that we can eat and grow will be grown. I'm not real sure where I got 65 but I know that's a lot. The two new beds hold sweet corn (don't know if I'll get some in time but The Wife wants it so that's good enough) a few more cukes and yellow squash that I'll grow around the corn.
Next up is the water lines and drip system. I'm starting on this work Saturday morning and will work until it's done. Have to rent a ditch witch to bury lines from the house to the beds, then run individual lines to each bed. I'm using 1/2" diameter schedule 40 pvc pipe because it's cheap ($1.47 per 10'-0" joint) and easy to put together. I'll get some good pictures when that work comes around. It's a lot of work but the way I see it , it will pay off down the road because it's there and done. Right now the watering system consists of a yard sprinkler. We don't use it much as the rain's been pretty good lately.

The moving in saga continues and,as Tami of 500 Dollar Tomato put it, DeCRAPification has begun in earnest. Where do people get so much crap and where does it come from? And she will be the first to admit it, The Wife has the most crap. One stumbling block we have run across are roaches. Apparently the area around us is full of them and they have managed to find their way into some of our things. Exterminator is coming this Thursday to do a big spray on top of what I've been spraying around the house. I'm also going to treat the whole lawn and anywhere else I can think of. I do not like bugs in my house! Ahhhhh, something else!

Oh, something else (see, there was something else!) we finally got the phone/internet people out to install the DSL line. They were scheduled for Tuesday and did come out and look to see what was needed, then left but never told anyone. So this past Friday they came and ran the lines but couldn't get anything to work inside. So Saturday I'm pulling out the boxes from the wall and connecting the lines to the jacks because the builder didn't do it! So now we have a land line that comes up as someone else's name through the caller ID, but I don't think I'll change that :) And we have internet which seems we can't live without. Happy week everyone and be careful out there kids!

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  1. The Orkin Man called them Palmetto Bugs...I still think they are roaches, but it sounds a little less gross. And so it doesn't sound like we are living in a total roach infested trash heap, I have only seen/killed a total of 5 in the house. They do seem to like the bricks of the foundation in the garage though and we will not be having that - thus the Orkin Man's appointment on Thursday. My co-workers who live in the area say they have been told it has to do with the sandy soil and a good spray routine does seem to keep them at bay. Maybe we can teach the WOF to hunt them?