Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekly Update

Well, things are humming right along at the homestead and for ourselves. We were invited by The Wife's employer this past Friday to a Durham Bulls game as part of their Spirit Week at work. Barring the rain delay we had a good time. We lasted about 4 innings then realized we had to get up Saturday so off we went. It took us about an hour to get home so there won't be too many games partaken by us in the near future. Very nice complex.

The minor league teams do a lot with the local kids in the area. Here's a bunch of them chasing Woll E. Bull, the mascot.

Weekly vantage point picture. Everything seems to be doing well but I did notice that I need to get out there and start weeding out the beds. Weeds are taking over!

Getting closer. Now that the plants are starting to set fruit, time to hit them with some 10-10-10. I also need to start thinking about some stakes. 

WOF of the Week. Why the mulch? And for all of the effort The Wife and I put into re- landscaping these front beds, the wire- grass weeds just keep coming up. We spray and spray but all it amounts to is watering them more. I told her Sunday that I was going to take all of the mulch out and let these weeds grow!

I don't have everything labeled in the beds but I did get smart enough to write what was what on my notepad. I have drawn up a little spreadsheet so once I get everything labeled I'll post it up. 

Summers upon us so drink lots of water and stay safe out there kids.

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