Saturday, June 9, 2012


Got a lot done today with the help of my father-in-law. We dug out by hand from the house to the beds, then dug around all of the beds for the pipe. I made up some of the fittings last night and made up the rest on the spot. All in all a lot of work but now I can make sure the plants are watered everyday when I'm not here.

The digging wasn't that bad due to the sandy soil. I tried to get a ditch-witch from Home Depot but both of their small units were broken.

Going up to the two newest beds plus a 12'-0" long one I built last night in an effort to rid myself of the excess dirt. It got filled tonight as the last thing I did. 

View of the six lower beds. I ran one 3/4" pipe into each bed because I don't think I have the water pressure for two each. 

Close-up of the corn bed. I planted this stuff last Sunday and I swear it grew 2" throughout today. 

As you can see I got most of the 1/4" lines run with drippers or sprinklers. It was a lot of work let me tell you. You can tell it's close to quitting time when the beer comes out.

Backfilled the ditch and spread everything out. 

I set this board in concrete to hold this riser I made to hold the timer and a shutoff valve. I forgot to put in a union so that's the father-in-laws job tomorrow. And another union under the house where I tied into the PEX piping. 

Last picture of the evening. See, I did get that big bed filled! I'll be putting green beans in there and replacing a bed of tomatoes with beans. We want lots of beans and we can lose a few tomatoes. 65 plants is a lot. 

Tomorrow it is watering, aerating, seeding and fertilizing the lawn then I'm done with it. At this point I don't care if anything grows in it. Then to continue landscaping block started by The Wife today. Also got to build a flower box around the mailbox. And so on. I didn't use all of the dirt still so a little in the flower box and the remaining goes around the yard next to the road as it is full of rocks. Think I'll sit back and seriously consider that Harley now. 


  1. Wow. You got a LOT done. I mentioned to SM how sandy your soil is. (SM travels alot in your area..."That's why the call it the SandHills, Tami.")

    At least I've got clay that can be improved.

  2. It is like living at the beach without the good parts of living at the beach...I sweep up sand constantly...and don't get me started on those nasty bugs again :) But it is easy to dig as compared to clay. We had red clay in WV and it was horrible!! Seriously, how lucky am I to have a great hubby that works so hard??