Monday, June 11, 2012

Continuation of the Same Bullsh*t

Not really bullsh*t, but this is getting monotonous. My father-in-law was stupid enough to stick around for another day so I tasked him with the assignment of fixing a leak under the house where the PEX fitting and PVC fitting tie into one another as well as a small leak at the riser where the timer was.
I started on setting the landscaping blocks The Wife started Saturday in between moving the sprinkler around the yard as we intended or doing a last aeration, seed, and fertilizing of the yard for the year. If the shit doesn't grow now, I don't care. I re-dug some of what she did and continued around the corner where I realized we didn't get enough blocks. I wasn't going out to get anymore at that time so they made as far as I could get them to go. The remainder will have to wait until next Friday or Saturday.

As I was finishing up this chore I hear....
FiL: Where did you get that timer at?
Me: Uhhh, I bought it at the Restore a long while back. Why?
FiL: Well, I broke it.
Me: OK. We need gas for the tractor anyway and the can's at the other house so you can get both at the same time.
Which was fine with me because I wasn't always confident in the old timer to begin with. So from this

To this...

And no leaks whatsoever. This thing is a breeze to operate. And The Wife asks, "can we plant something around this to make it look pretty?" Looks pretty enough to me but I do have some morning glories at the other house I'll plant around it. Maybe.

FiL off to aerate the the front lawn as I move the sprinklers to the back lawn and plant green beans. Cleared out a bed of small tomatoes and got about 360 seeds in that one plus the new 12'-0" long bed. 
I still had some of the dirt pile left (this shit's like Grapenuts; it never seems to be an end to it) so I decided to fill in over the ruts and gravel along side of the road in front of the house so we could seed it too. 

Hopefully the effort will pay the dividends. And now........ drum roll please................. down to this---

A little for The Wife's mailbox flowers and the rest will spread up the other roadside, or I just may seed it and move on :) See the boxes? The Wife did the following, besides working on the house and cursing at the neurotic WOF.

Broke down 1,000 boxes in hopes that our new trash/recycling company would take them, and....

Redid the other front bed. See any landscape blocks? Me neither. She and her Dad got three scoops of Mulch Saturday and we still have a bunch left. I plan on using some on the garden bed walkways and in a few of the beds but man, there's a lot left!

This is The Wife's friend and coworker's trailer that he was nice enough to lend us during this time. I hope to unload this and get it back to him by this coming Sunday along with all of the other torture tools he has lent us. Great guy with a big heart and I hope to return the favor some day. Just wait and see!!!!!!

So the entire lawn got watered,

over- seeded and fertilized. Last thing I did here Sunday. Bid goodbye to everyone and headed back to the old house to mow that yard! Still a lot to do there that I hope to get done during the week. Yard sale in a couple of weeks if anyone's interested. And I honestly say I look forward to Mondays. Not really because I'm beat and I know I'll have to go on the road but it beats the hell out of working in the sun all day. 

Click here.

Hopefully within a few more weeks we'll have everything sorted out and sit on our butts all summer. That's my plan.

WOF of the Week. Ginny is really feeling out of place. She knows the neighbors at or old house well and loves to play with the kids there. At the new place she is out of sorts and can't stand to be out of our sight. I don't know whether it's because she had a rough life early on from others treating her badly or abandoning her, but she has been needy lately. So any chance she gets, she's outside with us. 

Laying in the mulch no less. 

Have a good week and be careful out there kids.

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  1. Just so you know - the recycling guy took all of the boxes this morning. He would have taken them anyway, but dad ran out there to make sure and have a little chat with him just to be on the safe side.

    And, there is already grass coming up thru the new dirt you spread on the ditches. It rained a nice steady rain all evening, still is raining now...much to the WOF's great dismay since she hates to be wet.